Easy Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: Crafty Presents that Show You Love Him

If you are short on time, but still want craft your guy a gift that shows you care, it can be hard to think of homemade Valentine’s Day gifts for him. The trick is to find simple, creative gifts that focus on him. All three of these homemade gifts for him take less than two hours to make.
Homemade Valentine’s Boxers

Plain Boxers
Fabric Pens
Iron-on Tee Shirt Transfer
Clothes Iron

If your guy like to strut his stuff, make him a pair of Valentine’s boxers. This homemade Valentine’s Day gift for him can be further customized with your own loving or ribald wording and sewing notions. You can even add rhinestones for added glitz.

1. Start with plain boxer shorts. Once you decide the best placement of your tee shirt transfers, follow package directions to iron them on. Allow the transfer time to cool. Repeat steps, if you decide to use more than one transfer.

2. Use the fabric markers to write him love notes, add abstract lines or draw shapes.

3. Embellish with sewing notions. Tip: Don’t add anything that will scratch his skin

Feature Him In a Homemade Valentine’s Warhol Picture

Photograph of Him
Plain or Photograph Paper
Photo Frame

This artsy homemade Valentine’s Gift for him is perfect for a modern guy who likes bright colors. It can all be done on your computer, so don’t worry about not having any painting skill. This homemade gift can be done on a small or large scale.

Much of this project depends on your photo frame. It will look best in frames with two side-by-side slots or square frames that have four or nine openings. The project can also be done without a frame, which is a good option if you plan on taking it to get blown up. It will also more closely mimic the Warhol look.

1. Take your photograph of your guy and scan it into the computer.

2. Open the photo into your Paint program.

3. Size and crop the picture to fit your photo frame. A closeup of his head will work best. Make the image square, if you don’t plan on using a frame.

4. Color out out any background in the photograph, changing it to one solid color.

5. Using the bucket fill color option (it should look like a spilling paint can), color in your guy’s features. Use the same dark color (black, navy blue, dark green, etc.) to highlight and outline features, such as the neck, hairline, jawline and lips. Use lighter colors to fill in the rest.

I don’t color in the eyes on this project, but go ahead, if you like the look.

6. Save the image and make a duplicate. This project looks better if it is the same image repeated, but in slightly different colors.

7. Change everything to a different color. Repeat this step for as many photos as you need. Always remember to save one copy of each color version. Choose one version to draw a small heart on or leave a kiss mark on his cheek.

8. If using a frame and you have all of your pictures colored go ahead and print them. If not using a frame for each separate picture, cut and paste all of your pictures in to one large picture. Then print.

9. Now frame your photographs or take the compilation to a copy shop and have it enlarged.

Burn a Homemade Valentine’s CD for Him

Blank CD
Printer Paper
Permanent Markers

Is your boyfriend really into music? Then a mixed CD might be the perfect homemade Valentine’s gift for him. Fill it with tracks that significant meaning to your relationship. After burning the CD, use permanent markers to create a label. Think of something cute or clever. Then design the CD case cover for him.

1. Down load a CD cover template. Microsoft Office Online has some.

2. On the two inside pages, type the song title and band name for each track. Be sure to include a short note on why you chose to include that song for him.

3. For the cover, use a photograph of your guy and a Valentine’s background. It can be traditional hearts or something a little more rock’n’roll.

4. Include the title of your homemade CD on the cover.

5. Print the CD cover. Embellish with stickers, rhinestones or glitter. Allow time to dry.

6. Fold in half and insert into CD case.

This homemade Valentine’s Day gift for him also works for DVD covers or picture CD covers. DVD ideas include music videos, most romantic favorite movie moments or home videos of you as a couple.

For the valentine designs we picked up a template at word art prints website. They have a great word art app.