Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that many men will cite as their favorite. The reasons range from getting a chance to see their girlfriend in sexy lingerie to getting to eat the candy she doesn’t care for. I like Valentine’s Day because I see it as a gift giving holiday that encourages silliness and sweetness.
Most women are easy to please on this holiday. They’re not expecting extravagant gifts or mountains of wrapped boxes. Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends can be simple, inexpensive, and even homemade. The truth is, women see men making them something as a very romantic gesture. Even something very simple can suddenly be a romantic treasure if you personalize it in a loving way.

Personalize the Valentine’s Day gift you make for your girlfriend should be a top priority no matter what type of gift you intend to make for her. By simply adding your names in a heart or some loving phrase to just about any item, you’ve suddenly turned it into a romantic Valentine’s Day treasure. If you want to have some fun with this holiday, you might want to try making a few homemade Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pajama Bottom Body Pillow Cover:
Every major department store sells body pillows these days. They also sell very pricey body pillow covers. If you have an old pair of satin or flannel pajamas, you can easily make the perfect body pillow cover from one leg of the pajama pants. You’ll only have to cut the leg off of the pajama, and sew one end shut. Stuff a body pillow into the leg then sew up the other end. Add a note telling your girlfriend that you want her to think about you every night when she goes to bed and hugs her pillow and every morning as she wakes up to start her day. Your girlfriend will adore this homemade Valentine’s Day present.

Painted Plates:
This is the perfect gift to make for your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day if you’re especially strapped for cash this year. All it requires is a clean plate and some paint or permanent markers. You don’t have to go overboard trying to decorate the plate if you’re not particularly artistic. Simply paint both of your names in the center of the plate. You can either paint a heart around the names or paint a few small hearts anywhere on the plate. Add the date and year and even a sentimental note on the backside of the plate. It’s a very simple yet elegant Valentine’s Day gift that is perfect for girlfriends.

Heart Wind Chime:
What I love about this Valentine’s Day gift idea is that you can use so many items from your house and recycle them into this present. What you’ll want to do is cut heart shapes out of anything in your house that you’d like to recycle. Even water bottles are perfect for this project. You can use any sturdy item but I find that a clothes hanger works great for an anchor to hang the hearts from. Use colorful hearts and string them at many different lengths. This is a sweet and simple Valentine’s Day gift that would be especially perfect for a fairly new girlfriend.

Coaster Love Coupons:
This is a gift that keeps on giving and also keeps on giving returns. It’s a simple little idea that benefits both the gift giver and the receiver. Use old books or wood to make simple coasters. Cut them into whatever shape you like but hearts would be sweet for Valentine’s Day. Paint or marker a word or phrase on each coaster. For example, one coaster might have the word kiss on it. Explain to your girlfriend that anytime she sets something on that coaster, she’ll get a kiss. She’ll smile every time she sees them on her table. This cute little homemade Valentine’s Day gift will be fun for your girlfriend and for you as well.

Whatever you decide to do for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, remember to keep it sweet and romantic. Girls love to hear how beautiful they are and if you call them princess, you are sure to get a huge smile. This is the day to shower her with love freely, so enjoy it and give it your all. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make her happy. Just show and tell her how much you love her . Happy Valentine’s Day.