Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make

The most cherished Mother’s Day Gift is one that kids will create. The simplicity and gratitude that goes into a self made craft means more to mom than a store-bought gift that took mere minutes to purchase.
Homemade Flower Pot

Take a milk carton and wash out well. Get help to cut the top of the carton off. Paint and decorate the outside of the milk carton and let dry. Now you have a great flower pot for mom.

To make this flower pot really stand out, pick colorful flowers from a field to place into the new flower pot.

Homemade Family Coupon Book

Give mom her own specialty coupon book. Choose the color of paper you want to use. Fold paper in half and fold again. You should have four halfs that you can cut. Be sure to use children scissors. Take each half and create a unique coupon that mom would like. Breakfast in Bed, Day off from Cleaning, Car Wash Today, Lots of Hugs and Kisses Today are just some ideas you can include on your coupon.

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Get a shoe box or get a small cardboard box from the grocery store. Paint or decorate the outside and inside of the box. Now think of some items to place in the gift basket. A small bag of flowering seeds that you and mom can plant together. Think of your mom’s favorite color and get the seeds that bloom in those colors. You can include a small homemade flower pot to plant those new seeds into.

Homemade Book of Memories

Draw pictures of all the places you and mom have visited and include a narrative of what you did there. The zoo, swimming, a school trip that mom accompanied you on. Memories express how we feel and show others that the small things they do mean a lot to us.

Homemade Mother’s Day Card

Use your imagination and write a poem for mom. Express how much you love and appreciate her. Remind her of all the things you do together and maybe new ideas of things to do. Use a computer and select clip art and graphics to decorate your card.

Colorful drawn and painted pictures of you and the family will become timeless memories that mom will cherish.

Homemade Recipe Book

Paper and crayons is all you need. Start a family recipe book that your mom can add to. You can decorate the cover with a picture of your family and start your recipe with some of mom’s favorite foods. Tell her that she can add favorite recipes from all the family members and next year you can help prepare some of the items!

While these are some practical easy crafts for children to make, they can take these Mother’s Day gift ideas and personalize each one. Mom’s always love appreciation of any kin